The Official Hackathon of the home of Martin Student News.

About Our Hackathon

HackMHS is about stretching the creativity in our students and seeing how the students can give back to their school community through the best possible means: by coding. The goal is to have an application, service, or any other computer science-related solution to a prevalent school problem by the end of the 24 hours allotted. This is a toe to toe competition of thought-provoking, business-savvy, code-crunching fun -- and we hope you can join us!

HackMHS is a relatively new tradition for the Martin High School Computer Science club, but we’ve been working non-stop in order to bring to you the best experience we can offer. If you are interested in coming to HackMHS, go to the bottom of the screen -- we’ll be happy to respond to any inquiries about HackMHS and you can join us.